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New fashion and high quality are always under great demand in the competitive world of textile products. With the adopting new technology and higher level living demand from customer, we are cooperating with business partners to develop a lot of new functional products.

Staff in R&D division are involved in every process, including textile material selecting, spinning, knitting, dying and finishing. They record the requirements and conditions of the whole process and enforce strict quality control in every stage. After repeated testing by R&D staff, the final report are sent by authority laboratory.
There are some new fabrics are produced: Far Infra-red, Anti-bacteria, Breathable, Easy Dry, Anion fabric, Hollow fiber, Flame Retardant (FR) Fabric and Akwatek Fabric. These new products not only providing protection against the deteriorating environment but also meet the needs of modern consumer. It is expected to be more comfortable, healthy, environmentally protective, more functional and of higher quality.

Moreover, we also pleasely accept the specification from customer. And several different quality can be made for customers' choice .